The Steel Rails collection in an ongoing body of work which encompasses all facets of early and modern railroad life.  From scenes of old bridges or depots to the steam engines themselves, each piece will explain a small part of what was once, and still is, a great part of the development of this country.

The railroad brought remote parts of the west within reach of as little as 2-3 days ride, and allowed shipments of building materials and dry goods to be delivered in a much shorter time.  During the gold rush, most traveled by covered wagon, taking weeks or months to make the journey.  Now with the new rail lines, the same trip could be made in a fraction of the time, and with far less danger.

  • History of rail lines
  • The money issue and railroad monopoly / holding small towns hostage for money to run the rail through the town.
  • Some pieces will depict the small town forgotten, with the rail twisting away in the distance with a train bellowing smoke from afar.