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Abstract Photography


Seeing the Light.

For years I have been a fan of night photography.  I love the way that the light in a scene is transformed into the surreal with long shutter speeds, movement of the camera, and the way that a subject's motion disappears into a fog.  Photographing at night causes me to really keep a keen eye on the light; any small source can potentially ruin, or enhance, my image.  I use light to paint with, as on a canvas, and sometimes with striking results that make me wonder how it happened the way that it did.  At times I will use a flash to add light to the scene; a tactic that I intend to explore more often, especially in desolate locations.  

I've discovered that not all night photography need be on the tripod; in fact, my most striking work was done without one.  The Las Vegas Lights series, for example, was totally hand held work.  It could not have been done otherwise.



The Metal Series

This series began, like several others, in Las Vegas.  During a morning walk I found myself face to face with a scuplture; a tall, sleek metal horse.  The lines fascinated me, and at once I began to photograph it.  I have but one image of the entire sculpture; the rest are detail shots taken very close and in such a way that they in now way resemble a horse.  I found that the way in which this piece of art was designed has a sensual look to it; and the images portray this.  Some of the lines mimic a woman's body, which with my cropping was very much intentional.  I find that many subjects can be transformed into something completely different simply by seeing them that way.  If I am in the right mind, and with the right angles and a little luck, I can turn a metal statue into a woman.  On another day, I might transform a woman's back into a cello.  It's all in how you observe it.



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