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2724 Sandydale Ln
Houston, TX, 77039
United States


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All About Me

Studios: mark roden art

5247 Langfield Rd

Houston, Texas 77040






My Location in Northwest Crossing area, Houston:


Studio Features

Mark Roden Art Studio is housed within the JoMar Visions complex in Houston.  It serves as the main painting area for artist Mark Roden, and features a fully functioning photography studio used by the artist and also available for hire by others.  In this space, the magic happens.

My Artist Bio

Everything you might want to know about me as an artist, photographer and writer.  If it's not in the bio, well that's what the 'contact me' page is for, just ask.

Past exhibits and events

A complete (or mostly so) list of exhibits, events and other things that I have done over the years as an artist and photographer.  I haven't really done much yet as a writer, this will come with time.




Find out about how I started, what I've been doing, and more information about some of the paintings I have produced over the years.  


My history in photography goes back decades.  Take a look at some of that history in a blog-style gallery covering many of the highlights.