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This is just a one-page taste of what's in here.  At any point you can enter the full site by clicking a link or a photo and it will take you into the thick of it.  Or, click anywhere in the top menu; you'll end up in the same place.  Take your time, look around, and enjoy!


Painting In Acrylic

Take a look inside my studio, see what makes me tick and view my painting work and read about my series and what is coming up.  I'll share my techniques in a 'How it's Done' page and talk about my tools.  You can see a short time-lapse video of the making of "In The Arena", an acrylic on wood panel painting completed in 2012.  Explore everything and let me know what you think.


You can take a look at my "About the Paintings" column here.  In it I share some information about specific pieces, or I will tell you about some aspect of my history as a painter.  Either way, it should be very entertaining to read, it certainly was entertaining to live through.

The contents of the page are in blog-style and will be added to from time to time. Basically, when I feel like it.



I go back a long way with a camera.  I've had many, lost  several, broken a few, and still have some.  I am at home in the studio or on the road, and the subject matter varies from cityscapes, landscapes, people, small details, abstracts, and basically whatever else walks past my lens.  I enjoy having a camera in hand when i travel, and even just around town.  I never know what I will see, and if I can I will take a picture and hold that memory.  I'll also have something to share later.

Featured Model: Crystal

Crystal, 2009

Crystal, 2009


In The Studio

I have had a studio to work out of since 2007, starting out at Hardy & Nance Studios and now located permanently at JoMar Visions Gallery and Studios.  The equipment inventory has grown over the years, and now I am ready to upscale it even more.  The space serves as a creative area for my painting, photography, and now writing endeavors as well. 

Take a look at what's coming up next for me, and also for JoMar Visions.

A photo of my photography studio.

A photo of my photography studio.

Every month I will spotlight one piece and speak in detail about it or the creation of it.

From time to time I will post art happenings around town that I find interesting or that I will attend.

When I find something interesting, odd, or strange I will put it here.