For me, the art of photography has always been a passion­­­.  Over the years I have developed my talent and honed my skills in a variety of subjects; landscapes and rural scenes, city views, sports and portraits.  In the last few years there has been a progression and refinement of the work from the more grandeur landscapes, such as Sedona Sunrise, to a more detailed approach.

For over 30 years, photography has been an integral part of life for me. I see the world through the lens of a camera, and what I see, I attempt to share through my work.

Over time, my attention and focus have changed, from landscapes and rural scenes to modern abstracts and cityscapes; from black and white to color and back again. The subject has evolved, but the goal is the same; to create something artful, beautiful, and emotional.

Since 2011, I have added painting to my creative toolkit.  Having discovered it as a wonderful creative outlet, I now spend as much time or more on painting as I do with photography.  I find that the two disciplines blend well together, and that my style in one benefits the other.  I will continue to explore new horizons in each and further define a life-long body of work.




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